Super Bowl Mania 2019


Play with us!

We invite you to take your chances at AALIVE’s Super Bowl Block Pool! The rules are simple. Each block is $30. You may purchase up to 5 blocks per person. Payouts will be as follows: 1st quarter = $250, 2nd quarter = $250, 3rd quarter = $250 and 4th quarter (final score) = $750

Don’t miss this FUN and EXCITING way to support AALIVE while having an extra thing to root for during the big game! To enter, please follow these steps:

  1. Click this link to make your $30 per block purchase to AALIVE via our Paypal donation page:

  2. Please leave us a message in the “notes” section specifying what your donation is. *Example: $90 for 3 blocks in the Super Bowl Pool.

  3. Once we receive your payment, your name(s) will then be entered at random into a 10x10 block pool.

  4. During Super Bowl week, we will at random choose numbers 0 through 9 for the top and side of our block pool. A photo will be released of the final pool on AALIVE’s facebook page.

  5. Follow your spot, the score & may the luckiest supporter win!!

  6. All winners will be contacted during the days following the Super Bowl. HAVE FUN AND GOOD LUCK!