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Inside Voice is an A.A.L.I.V.E. program that provides the Spelling to Communicate method to non-speaking autistic adults (16 years and older) in the Philadelphia area. Spelling to Communicate is a communication method that teaches non speaking autistics with motor difficulties to communicate through spelling.

We are proud to say we been invited to discuss and present Spelling to Communicate at several colleges, including St. Joseph’s University, West Chester University, Princeton University, Montgomery County Community College, and Swarthmore College.

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Call us: 484-471-3335

Visit us: Suite LL11R, 1001 Baltimore Pike, Springfield, PA 19064

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The Boy Who Learned to Speak Without a Voice

Hi, my name is Brian. Welcome to my world. I want to share with you my experience of your world. You think I don’t understand what is going on around me but I always do.

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Inside Voice has changed EVERYTHING about OUR lives as well as our son’s life. He can now participate in family decisions, give us his opinion on things, and (my personal favorite) trash talk with his siblings!! He is able to express himself about why he does certain things due to his autism, and what he needs of us to help him. This in turn has made him a much happier person....which makes ALL of us happier. It is the most profound thing we have ever experienced in our life, bar none.
— Linda T
A Spectacular community of professionalism, kindness, and talent. Inside Voice validates their motto – Confidence in Competence - by making every session fun and successful. After 25 years, my son is silent no more! His profound gratitude, humor and intelligence has been unleashed. ASTONISHING!!
— Colleen F.
Tom and Emily at Inside Voice have been incredible coaches for our son. He has made astonishing progress in his communication skills and it has been a joy to us to get to know him better.
— Jen L.
We are so grateful to AALIVE and to Inside Voice for giving our son the opportunity to express himself using Spelling to Communicate. The Inside Voice staff are dedicated professionals with endless patience. Their work in teaching our son to use a letter board to communicate has finally given him a way to express his thoughts and feelings. We are overjoyed to finally be able to see the world through his eyes.
— Eileen M.
Remarkable!! Spelling to Communicate is giving my daughter the ability to accurately express her feelings, thoughts, and knowledge in an unprecedented way! The progress that she is making and the pride that she experiences is heartwarming, humbling, and inspiring. My daughter eagerly looks forward to her sessions at Inside Voice; Tom and Emily’s kindness, patience, persistence, and support have truly motivated her. Spelling to Communicate is a clearly making a positive difference in the lives of individuals with Autism and their families!
— Linda A.
My 31 year old minimally speaking autistic son’s personality has changed substantially!
After many years of therapies, he is so much happier now knowing we understand how smart he really is. We were skeptical at first whether he would be a candidate for the letterboard, but this method has opened his world and ours like no other program.
— Carol R.
For 25 years our son lived in “silence” – unable to communicate his thoughts, ideas, feelings, opinions, desires, hopes and dreams. In the past year since he has been working (very hard) to learn to spell to communicate his life has dramatically changed. He is now sharing all of this – and more. We are learning with him, from him and about him in completely new ways. The transformation in all of our lives is profound. Spelling to communicate has given him so many new things: a beautiful and unique voice, self-confidence, the ability to make decisions and make choices. Now he can write birthday greetings to us and his siblings. He can participate in family games like Taboo or Bananagrams. He can gossip and tell jokes. We are so grateful to Inside Voice and AALIVE for bringing this method of communication to our family.
— Sara C.