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Inside Voice Tour

An inside look at our brand new offices and space for spelling here at Inside Voice. Our building is located in Springfield, Pa. Our space includes an office, 2 spelling rooms, and 2 gathering or observation rooms. Enjoy taking a tour!

The gang

Once a month, a group of six *"fluent" non-speaking autistic adults get together for three hours to discuss anything and everything. These six call themselves "The Gang," which is an homage to the television show "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." (*A fluent speller is one who has achieved expressive communication on the letterboard).

Sarah's Perseverance to be Heard

Sarah's first session began on August 7, 2017. Within two months, she was expressing her thoughts and opinions. Since then, Sarah has made incredible progress in her spelling skills from writing her own superhero origin story, to encouraging others who are going through a challenge, to sharing her passion for science.

Kevin's Journey to Finding His Voice

Kevin is an unreliable speaker. He has the language skills to express his needs, but that language is limited. He is unable to express his full thoughts and opinions with his mouth, but underneath his speech is a fascinating, brilliant and witty mind.