Our Mission

To provide Adults with Autism the resources and support to facilitate opportunities to explore a variety of choices designed to develop and sustain their strengths, interests and the essence of their personality so they may achieve independence across community, domestic, recreational, residential and social domains.


A.A.L.I.V.E. was created to provide options to enhance and improve the lives of Adults with Special Needs by:



Supporting awareness seminars and discussion groups to educate our community to understand and appreciate the characteristics of Autism and to promote an acceptance of their unique way of life.


Organize and endow social events and outings for Adults with Special Needs and their families and/or support staff. For example - attending sporting events, going to dinner and the movies, joining a community based group, etc. These types of social opportunities will assist in the integration of Adults with Special Needs in our local communities; and allow for them to benefit from experiences that otherwise would not be available.




Shared socialization is essential for one's ability to live with fulfillment and esteem.


Opening a spelling to communicate center for non-speaking adults with autism. This program is proving to show some remarkable & life changing results for those who are involved.




Offer financial assistance to promote independent living for special needs adults. In our present system, Special Need services available through school districts and government entities cease when an individual reaches age 21. The current resources and programs available to Adults with Autism are scarce. The programs that do exist do not include the capability to promote the integration of our Special Needs Friends into our communities. Special Needs individuals have talents that can be shaped into appropriate job qualifications. The Special Needs community wants to add valuable contributions to our society.